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EU Bets on Recycling Batteries, Textiles to Halve Waste by 2030

Recycling batteries, textiles and packaging will be the precedence in a new project to halve waste in the EU by 2030, the chief of the EU’s “Green Deal,” stated on Tuesday.EU Bets on Recycling Batteries, Textiles to Halve Waste by 2030

Frans Timmermans, who’s leading the EU’s drive to become the first climate-impartial continent by 2050, told European legislators in Brussels that the share of materials recovered and recycled in the EU economy needed to improve, or “by 2050 we would need three planets to sustain our consumption practices.”

Under the new plan, the Commission will introduce initiatives geared toward prolonging the life of products comparable to electronic devices and encourage consumers to hunt repairs.

France has taken the lead with the adoption in January of its first anti-waste law. This can ban all disposable plastics by 2040, along with packaging for household and skincare products, disposable cutlery in quick food restaurants, plastic tea bags, and confetti. Bans for some gadgets will begin from January 2021.

Junior atmosphere minister Brune Poirson informed reporters in Brussels that the new French legislation would as a priority harden regulation covering planned obsolescence in electronics and unsold shares in the fashion business.

France also became the first nation on the planet to commit to introducing filters on new washing machines from January 2025 to scale back the spread of plastic microfibers from synthetic clothing, which make up a third of plastic particles that land up in wastewaters and contribute to pollution in the oceans.

The European Commission is about to present its so-called circular financial system plan for a less wasteful future on March 10.


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