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Impact Investing Becoming Popular Among Family Offices

When former investment manager Ron Cordes began a charitable foundation in 2007, he obtained frustrated as a result of he could only “do good” when he was actively giving the money away to needy causes.

Impact Investing Becoming Popular Among Family Offices

At first, the Cordes Foundation allotted 20% of its $10 million endowment to private equity investments aimed to make a beneficial social or environmental influence. At present, all of the foundation’s assets are invested in tasks that promote the household’s values, along with moral fashion brands and sustainable supply chains.

For affect investors like Cordes, whose basis is based in Maryland, monetary gains are vital; however, social returns are equally essential.

Over a quarter of family, foundations are engaged in impact investing in some form, based on a 2019 Global Family Office report from UBS and Campden Analysis.

Climate change was the top cause backed by family workplaces, based on UBS, with well being and clean water rating high.

With so much capital involved, household offices – which could be managed privately or within a brokerage agency – rank with pension funds and institutional buyers in the impact world.

They could even be more vital because they’ve the funds as well as the flexibility to make innovative investing judgments.

A younger generation pushes the push to make investment decisions with an impact; however, that does not imply it’s exclusively a millennial race.


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