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Norway Is Experiencing a New Geothermal Project

The making of four wells for geothermal heating is now underway in Taraldrud, Norway. The drilling site coincides with the world for the development of a brand new National Police Emergency Response Center, which is meant to be operational by the top of 2020. The financial assistance for the initiative was offered by Enova, whereas drilling shall be undertaken by two Norwegian corporations, Rock Power and Basum Boring.

The geothermal wells will present snow melting for the middle’s helicopter areas, avenue heating, and heating of the center’s indoor shooting range. With all four wells of operational, street heating prices could be lowered from NOK 200 to NOK 15 per sq. meter. Annual financial savings attributable to geothermal heating is estimated to be at around NOK 1.7 million.

Round, 40% of the NOK 38 million ($4.4m) total funding price, was supplied by Enova.

The four wells have been designed to go to depths of 1500 meters, solely the second time that this has been tried in Norway. To finish the drilling of the wells sooner and at much less price, the drilling firms have adopted a particular drilling methodology that makes use of compressed air.

An extra drilling rig shall be mobilized to the development site within the next few days, which ought to convey the drilling rate as much as 100 meters day by day. This could assist the group meets their target deadline of November 1st. If not all four wells will be drilled, the undertaking has the choice to make do with no matter wells have been accomplished.

Frode Olav Gjerstad, the senior adviser in Construction of Enova, believes that there’s a sizeable thermal potential in Norway that may be utilized in a more environmentally pleasant and price-efficient means.


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